Monday, January 5, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Cheers! :)

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year everyone. I know it's late but hey, better than never. lol.

This blog was inactive for how many months due to some personal reasons & stuff (laziness & all that! haha!). But I hope I could reactivate this blog soon and I'll be making some reconstructions to make it a much better blog to log in. And plus, (to be honest..) few of my friends only knew about this blog coz I don't want everyone to know about this as of the moment. Why? I don't know actually. Weird. lol. But hopefully soon.

Oh well, 2008 had been a roller coaster ride for us, for me. 2009? Let's see what this year's in store for us. Get ready! Welcome New Year! Cheers! ;)

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